OTP Introduction

One-time programmable memory


NeoFuse is a small form-factor logic NVM technology enjoying the advantages of low power usage together with highly reliability and security. It provides non-volatile storage functions from 0.15um down to the leading 7nm FinFET technology node.



NeoFuse uses an antifuse operation scheme. Programming is achieved by applying a high voltage on the gate, which causes the thinner core oxide to break down. NeoFuse does not suffer from the re-growth issues sometimes seen with eFuses. By relying on an oxide breakdown, it is not easily susceptible to any passive or invasive security attacks attempted by altering the voltage or temperature. The oxide breakdown is also not visible with a scanning electron microscope, making it impossible to see the difference between a programmed and an unprogrammed cell. Therefore, NeoFuse can replace floating gate or eFuse technologies for tasks like secure key, device IDs, and code storage.



With its innovative cell design, NeoFuse can reduce the cell program leakage and improve immunity to program disturbance. Moreover, eMemory’s proprietary NeoFuse technology greatly minimizes the impact of process variation and ensures greater uniformity of programming to achieve one-shot success with programming.

Key Feature

  • Fully compatible with generic CMOS processes

  • In-field programmability

  • Reliable high-temperature data retention

  • Fuse status invisible to scanning electron microscope

Reference Spec.


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