Complete product series for protecting all types of Flash

The Flash Protection Series is a suite of enhancements available for PUFcc and PUFrt, extending the Hardware Root of Trust to protect critical assets in the commodity flash. The Flash Protection Series can widen an SoC’s secure boundary based on our highly reliable PUF technology widely available across all major foundries.

PUFef: Embedded flash protection with a Hardware Root of Trust and lite Crypto Engine

PUFef is designed to protect embedded Flash with a Hardware Root of Trust and a lite crypto engine of RC6. The RC6 provides a comprehensive level of security while also minimizing overall size. Before attempting to hack the crypto engine, attackers would first have to destroy the embedded Flash.

The design architecture of PUFef
Diagram / Design architecture of PUFef
The logo of PUFenc

PUFenc: External NAND flash protection, designed to secure stored assets with a local key from PUF

PUFenc is designed to protect external flash memory and its stored assets. The IP provides asset encryption, such as a learning model for AI or firmware for the chip with a local key from the PUF. It adds an additional layer of security by avoiding using the global key, which is a shared key among ICs after the chip leaves the manufacturing floor.

Diagram / Design architecture of PUFenc
Logo of PUFxip

PUFxip: External NOR flash protection solution that supports real-time decryption and execution in place

PUFxip is designed to provide the execution-in-place capability of encrypted instructions in flash memory. The real-time decryption and execution enhance the SoC’s efficiency and it is commonly used with external NOR storage.

Diagram / Design architecture of PUFxip

Evaluation Kit

If you are interested in the Flash Protection series, you can apply for the evaluation kit through our free evaluation program IP GO. It is free to download and the PUFef and PUFenc are available right now.