Securing our Connected World

We are a technology company working to protect, connect, and authenticate the future of semiconductors. Emerging computing, such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Automotive Applications, all rely heavily on networked devices that remain vulnerable to hardware attacks. Our vision is to provide foundational bit-cell level security for semiconductors that safeguard our devices in this ever more connected world.

Hardware Security Expertise

We are a team of dedicated hardware security specialists who research, design, and develop PUF-based protection for the semiconductor market. We are a subsidiary of eMemory, one of the world’s largest Semiconductor IP companies. They have over 20 years of experience delivering process-dependent technology and provide access to their widely qualified library of IPs across multiple foundry platforms. Together, we’re delivering our award-winning Security IPs to customers across a wide variety of applications and processes today.

Protecting the Future of Semiconductors

Authentication and verification are an essential part of any security ecosystem. There’s now a growing need for scalable solutions for data protection at the chip level. Our inborn cryptographic key generation and storage can produce a unique identity for every chip. This Hardware Root of Trust reduces risks, removes unnecessary processes, and can prevent counterfeiting or reverse engineering. Here at PUFsecurity, we have complete hardware security solutions that are helping safeguard the next generation of semiconductors.

Our Team

Dr. Hsu is the founder and Chairman of eMemory, one of the world’s largest Semiconductor IP companies. He holds over 200 patents, published over 120 papers. In 2019, Dr. Hsu founded PUFsecurity to research, develop, and promote hardware security solutions that help protect the future of semiconductors.

Chairman and President

Dr. Charles Hsu

Dr. Yang serves as Executive Vice President of PUFsecurity. He was instrumental in the company’s formation and currently oversees all daily operations, in sales, marketing, product development, and hardware security. Evans, a founding member of eMemory, was appointed VP for corporate strategy in 2014.

Executive VP

Dr. Evans Yang

Dr. Hsu specializes in cryptographic algorithms (AES, MD5, RSA) and digital identities across the internet and distributive networks. He brings over 30 years of experience in solution architecture and performance engineering to PUFsecurity.

Senior CTO

Dr. Shih-Li Hsu

Dr. Wu is a leading expert in physical unclonable functions (PUF) and its derivative security chip design, as well as embedded flash and OTP memory. Prior to joining PUFsecurity, He was one of the principal inventors behind NeoPUF for eMemory, which received the ISSCC 2018 Takuo Sugano Award.

R&D Director

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu

Sam joined PUFsecurity as the Marketing Director in 2021, overseeing the marketing and sales team. With over 20 years of industry experience, including Realtek and Mediatek, he brings to PUFsecurity considerable expertise in Multimedia and Security SoC product marketing.

Marketing Director

Sam Chung

Victoria joined PUFsecurity as the Head of Business Development in 2022. With over 20 years experience in roles such as PM, FAEs, and Sales at top semiconductor companies like AMD, Arm, and Samsung, Victoria and her team are focused on collaborating with key stakeholders to expand PUFsecurity’s presence as a global security solution provider.

Business Develpoment Director

Victoria Lee

Dr. Wu joined PUFsecurity in 2021 and became the leader of the Digital Marketing. Sean has been exposed to various disciplines including RD, PM, Sales and Operation across industries in different continents, which brings an unique touch to the promoting efforts.

Digital Marketing Deputy Director

Dr. Sean Wu

We partner with foundries and chip designers across the industry,

building comprehensive and reliable security solutions together that
secure the supply chain and eliminate the threat of reverse engineering

See our Case studies


Actions Technology Partners with PUFsecurity to Secure Wireless Bluetooth and IoT Applications

Through licensing its Root of Trust IP — PUFrt, PUFsecurity enables Actions to develop secure designs from the hardware level (chip) for its products, providing downstream service providers and end-users complete life cycle security guarantees.

PUFsecurity’s Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc is PSA Certified Level 2 Ready 

Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc had achieved PSA Certified Level 2 Ready. The test was executed by SGS Brightsight, an independent security evaluation laboratory approved by the PSA Certified program.  

UMC, eMemory, and PUFsecurity Announce Successful Silicon-Proven Secure Embedded Flash IP

PUFsecurity’s PUFef is a win-win solution, making real-time execution in place (XiP) and data-at-rest protection possible. This cooperation means a safer, more stable, and faster solution for the market.

eMemory Partners with Intel Foundry Services (IFS) to Boost Security in Leading-Edge Chips

IFS customers can access eMemory’s NeoFuse, NeoPUF, and PUF-based security IPs developed by the subsidiary PUFsecurity for their designs on Intel’s leading-edge process technology.

PUFsecurity and eMemory Launch Next-Gen PUF-based Hardware RoT IP for Future Computing

PUFrt minimizes clients’ design effort while maximizing the overall security, which is why PUFrt is selected for the secure sub-system in the reference implementation of Armv9 confidential compute architecture.

PUFsecurity’s PUFcc Helps IoT Devices Meet FIDO Device Onboard Specification

PUFcc can assist IoT devices in complying with the security requirements within the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance’s FDO protocol, which has been demonstrated and verified on FPGA.

eMemory and PUFsecurity Join DARPA Toolbox Initiative

This makes eMemory’s NeoFuse, NeoPUF and PUF-based security IPs of its subsidiary, PUFsecurity, especially in advanced semiconductor process nodes, available to the researchers behind DARPA programs!

PUFsecurity and Andes Cooperate to Integrate PUFcc into RISC-V AIoT Security Platform

PUFsecurity and  Andes Technology have partnered up to incorporate PUFsecurity’s crypto coprocessor, PUFcc with Andes Technology’s D25F CPU and its associated platform AE350!


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