PUFsecurity and Himax Prioritize User Security and Data Protection in Endpoint AI with PUF-based Root of Trust

(December 14th, 2023) PUFsecurity, a subsidiary of eMemory dedicated to innovating PUF-based security solutions, and Himax Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: HIMX) (“Himax”), a leading supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, today announced the successful deployment of PUFsecurity’s PUF-based Root of Trust IP, PUFrt, into Himax’s WiseEye2 AI processor (WE2). WE2 is an ultra-low-power AI chip revolutionizing Endpoint AI application performance while prioritizing user security and data protection.

A recent Arm-commissioned report highlighted user preferences for longer battery life, faster system response, and privacy in public spaces. To save power consumption and improve latency, WE2 is designed with a multi-layer power management architecture for minimal power consumption and equipped with dual CPU cores and a microNPU core to accelerate a variety of neural network operations at the edge with less data communication with the cloud. To enhance privacy, PUFsecurity anchors WE2’s security into the silicon hardware level to further protect the AI model and data for both the consumers and OEM vendors. PUFsecurity’s Hardware Root of Trust solution (PUFrt) boasts a 1024-bit identification code (PUF), a low-power and instant-ready TRNG to provide dynamic entropy, and a secure OTP storage for private keys and sensitive data. It’s the greatest solution to fortify the AI model and user data protection, as well as secure boot, zero-touch key provisioning, and secure update, on the premise of meeting low power consumption and fast response.

“Himax WiseEyeTM AI processors feature industrial-grade security and cryptography engines, known to the world for its industry-leading power consumption in the AI processor category,” said Mr. Mark Chen, Vice President of Smart Sensing business at Himax. “The joining forces with PUFsecurity further strengthen WE2’s capability in terms of both security and privacy, bringing longer battery life, instant responsiveness, and enhanced privacy for a wide range of applications of diverse domains, including consumer electronics, laptops, surveillance, medical, and agriculture, just to name a few,” concluded Mr. Chen.

“People have talked about how essential security is for AI applications,” the Chairman and President of PUFsecurity, Dr. Charles Hsu, said. “We are excited to see how our PUF-based solution contributes to AI safety together with Himax. On top of safeguarding the AI model from being altered or stolen, it also empowers the entire system’s continuous secure operations with very efficient power consumption.”



力旺電子(eMemory Technology Inc.)旗下以物理不可複製功能(PUF)為核心研發安全解決方案的子公司–熵碼科技(PUFsecurity Corporation), 與顯示驅動器等半導體產品的領導廠商–奇景光電(Himax Technologies, Inc.),在今天正式揭露熵碼科技的信任根矽智財PUFrt部署進Himax WiseEye2 AI處理器(WE2)中的成功合作。奇景WE2 是一款超低功耗AI晶片,訴求大幅提升邊緣AI的應用效能,且提高用戶安全性和資料保護。

安謀(Arm)近期發布的一份調查報告統計了普羅大眾對電子裝置的期望,其中包括了更長的電池壽命、更快的系統響應、和在公共空間的隱私保障。為了節省功耗並提升系統反應速度,奇景WE2採用多層電源管理架構設計,以實現最低功耗,並配備雙CPU核心和microNPU核心,以降低與雲端的資料通訊需求,進而加速各種邊緣神經網路的運作。為了增強隱私性,奇景光電與熵碼科技合作將WE2的安全保護錨定到晶片硬體級別,以進一步保護消費者和OEM供應商的 AI模型和資料。熵碼科技的硬體信任根解決方案 (PUFrt) 擁有自晶片內生成的1024 位元識別碼(PUF);低功耗且即時就緒的真隨機數生成器(TRNG),用於提供動態熵;以及一個安全OTP,用於儲存私鑰和敏感資料。PUFrt能在滿足低功耗和快速反應的需求下,強化AI模型和使用者資料的保護,並執行安全啟動、零接觸金鑰配置和安全更新等安全程序。

「奇景WiseEyeTM AI處理器具備工業級安全和完善的加密引擎,在AI處理器類別中更以領先業界的低功耗表現著稱。」奇景光電智慧感測事業部副總經理陳有棟表示:「與熵碼科技的合作進一步增強了WE2 在安全方面的防護能力,共同為更長的電池壽命、即時回應的能力、和更高級別的隱私保護做出貢獻,惠及消費性電子、筆記型電腦、監控、醫療、農業等廣泛應用領域。」

「安全性之於AI應用的重要性,在業界已經是討論已久的主題。」熵碼科技董事長兼總經理 徐清祥博士表示:「很高興熵碼科技能與奇景光電一起為AI應用的安全做出貢獻。我們的硬體信任根解決方案除了能有效保護人工智慧模型不被更改或竊取之外,能以超低功耗執行整個系統的安全運行也同為我們產品的重要亮點。」


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