New Product Release

PUFiot :  Crypto Co-processor

  • PUFrt integrated and upgraded solution

  • DMA: direct memory access AXI4 I/F 

  • KWP: export of keys for external use

  • PKC: public key co-processor, ECC support

  • Crypto engine: including private key cipher, message authentication code, hash, KDF

  • Anti-tamper circuitry and countermeasures

Providing IP, Security Solutions and Services

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What We Do

Effective Enhancement of Your Hardware Security

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Solutions We Provide

To meet various security requirements of different products and systems ranging from simple (smart IoT appliances) to sophisticated (Fintech / AI / automotive), PUFsecurity helps clients develop customized security solutions. These can be anything from discrete IP blocks to integrated security solutions that provide all security functions with a high degree of flexibility.  Our goal is to help clients find the balance between cost and performance in their security schemes. Compared with all-in-one products on the market, PUFsecurity solutions cut cost, fit better, provide higher processing efficiency and reduce time to market.

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