White Paper

PUFiot: An Essential Secure Coprocessor for RISC-V

This paper will explain what designs are needed for secure applications, why existing coprocessors are insufficient, and how PUFiot enables SoC for RISC-V architectures.

Effective Enhancement of Your Hardware Security

PUFsecurity IPs maintain performance without the need for post-processing thanks to our quantum tunneling technology, which ensures that NeoPUF’s natural variations are unpredictable, yet stable in all operating environments.


The OTP/NeoPUF technology is qualified on over 43 platforms in eight major foundries worldwide. Therefore, our IPs are widely available to our clients for them to enhance their security systems in a cost-effective way.

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Why We Can

Solutions We Provide

We provide customized security solutions to meet the security requirements of different products and systems, ranging from simple to complex. We aim to help clients find the balance between cost and performance. Compared to other all-in-one products, PUFsecurity solutions save cost, fit better, provide higher processing efficiency, and reduce time to market.



Solution IP

PUF-based integrated solutions such as PUFrt (root-of-trust), PUFiot (crypto coprocessor), PUFse (secure element), etc.



Function IP

PUF-based security function building blocks including PUFuid (UID), PUFtrng (tRNG), PUFkeyst (key storgae), etc.



Crypto IP

Crypto IP with major offering: block-ciphers (AES), asymmetric public-key cryptography (ECC), integrity with SHA, and etc.

Providing IP, Security Solutions and Services

PUFsecurity provides PUF-based (chip fingerprint) hardware security solutions. To support our growth and our clients, PUFsecurity has created growth plans divided into three phases:

  • Develop security IPs using the unique features of NeoPUF.

  • Create comprehensive PUF-based security IP solutions.

  •  Establish a complete security service for clients.

During this final phase, PUFsecurity will function not only as an IP provider, but also a service provider, business partner and security consultant, dedicated to promoting PUF-based security solutions and sharing technical know-how to promote embedded security hardware.

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