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About IP GO

Our field engineering team is ready to customize a test dive of our PUF-based hardware security solutions through our IP GO service. We’ll even let you take the wheel.

Once you complete the adjacent form and user agreement, you will receive an email verification. Then, within three working days, qualified applicants will be able to download evaluation kits for simulation and verification purposes free of charge.

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What We Offer

The IPGO evaluation kits comprise PUFsecurity’s RTL design in encrypted Verilog format, eMemory’s OTP/PUF behavioral model in Verilog format, along with a user manual and a simulation environment.


  • Datasheet 
  • Integration Note
  • Application Note (API)
  • Release Note
  • Verilog HDL File in RTL (Synthesizable in FPGA)
  • Pre-built API / FW (.h.a.)
  • Test bench


  • A Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) solution that provides essentials, such as root key, entropy, and secure storage for all cryptography algorithms’ needs.


  • An indispensable crypto coprocessor equivalent to CryptoCell that can apply with various cores, i.e., RISC-V., PUFcc builds on the chip fingerprint Hardware Root of Trust of PUFrt. It offers various NIST CAVP-certified symmetrical and asymmetrical hardware cryptographic engines to ease offloading on the main cores performing security functions such as authentication, encryption / decryption, data integrity, secure boot, secure update, etc.

Flash Extension Series

The Flash Extension Series is a suite of enhancements available for PUFcc and PUFrt, extending the Hardware Root of Trust to protect critical assets in the commodity flash, including embedded flash (PUFef) and external flash (PUFenc).


Our Hardware Security solutions can help provide asset protection for sensitive information embedded on the chip. Today, our PUF-based solutions are helping our customers secure their assets, eradicate reverse engineering risks, and provide supply chain security.

All chip developers are welcome to explore secure IP through our IP GO service. When you are ready to proceed to tape-out, the finalized IP can be dropped-in easily to replace the evaluation kit without any additional engineering, simplifying the transition to mass production.



Our NIST CAVP-certified solutions provide the ‘best-in-class’ Hardware Root of Trust on the market today.



Our IPs are simple to adapt and integrate into your designs. Just download our free test kit through our IP GO service.



Our designs streamline the onboarding process, removing the need for external key management and key injection.



Increase your brand reputation in security and enhance your overall product value.