Internet of Things

In the Internet of Everything era, tens of trillions of devices have become network nodes. These nodes provide more hacking opportunities, and the current security strength of the Internet of Things (IoT) is generally insufficient. The continuous emergence of information security incidents in recent years is the best proof. These attacks cause enormous pressure on networks that rely solely on software security.

Therefore, comprehensive and effective protection of personal privacy and data transmission brook no delay. Using hardware security design to strengthen the overall IoT security is the best solution for protecting data. With existing software security protection, hardware security can improve the defense capabilities required by these trillions of nodes. The hardware security IP developed by PUFsecurity Corporation provides an indispensable security solution for IoT chip devices. Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology uses the inborn physical microvariation during chip manufacturing as a unique natural password. Whether it is used as an end device’s unique identification (UID), or the root key for corresponding encryption and key management functions (key generation/key storage) during data transmission, all these security operations can be achieved through our products without complicated designs. Moreover, our IP solutions also provide the benefits of low-power consumption, easy-to-use, and cost-efficiency. To fulfill the needs of wide-range IoT applications, PUFsecurity’s IP solutions provide the flexibility of customized designs to help our clients achieve a reasonable balance between security and cost.

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Artificial Intelligence

Hardware security can be applied to Artificial Intelligence (AI) area in many aspects. The first is to protect important intelligent properties in AI design, such as big data, algorithms, etc. The second is to protect AI from malicious attacks that interfere with data learning and decision-making results when performing deep learning or task execution. The third is to protect related information that will be involved in the application of AI technology, such as personal medical privacy, communication privacy, consumer information, etc.

The above-mentioned applications are all based on certification, authentication, and data integrity protection. The best way to implement these security functions is to integrate a good hardware security IP in AI chips. Using the hardware root of trust and encryption algorithms developed by PUFsecurity to implement security functions allows the AI core to focus all computing resources on core programs such as model calculations, thereby improving overall chip performance. The core technology of PUFsecurity, PUF, uses the inborn physical microvariation during chip manufacturing as the “chip fingerprint” which fulfills the features of randomness, uniqueness, and reliability, provides long-term and reliable security protection for AI machines. On the other hand, considering that AI development requires a large amount of software updates, in order to prevent software update programs from becoming a way for third parties to spread malicious software, hardware security protection can be used to separate and layer protection from its software.

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As technology advanced, Automotive has gradually developed from the initial Internet of Vehicles to smart cars that can actively provide different services. As the autonomous driving function continues to evolve, each car will need to exchange data with surround-ing nodes (vehicles or traffic signal control systems, etc.) as the basis for autonomous driving adjustment control. These new services and networking requirements expose smart cars to more possible attacks.

The most significant security risk for smart cars is that in addition to their functional reliability requirements, they must also be able to resist the intrusion from third parties into taking over driving rights. According to the require-ments of automotive system security and reliability specifications, all system chips of smart cars must pass the original manufacturing certification and authorization, from the data processing unit, sensor unit, acceleration unit, micro-control unit and data storage unit, etc. The security and anti-hacking function, anti-counterfeiting design and secure manufacturing supply chain of automotive electronic parts are the primary requirements of the security system.

The hardware security IP developed by PUFsecurity provides an indispensable security solution for automotive chips. The PUF technology used is derived from the inborn physical microvariation during chip manufacturing, and its unpredictable randomness can be used as a unique natural password. Besides that, our PUF patented technology can maintain stable characteristics under different voltages and temperatures (-40°C~175°C), which can ensure that the smart car maintains its functional reliability under different environments. Applications of automotive electronic parts include anti-counterfeiting unique identification (UID), key management (key generation and key storage), encryption and decryption required for data transmission, and authentication mechanism of the system during login, etc. PUFsecurity’s security solutions have low-energy consumption features and are easy to integrate, which can reduce the burden of multi-level security design by helping customers achieve a reasonable balance between security and the overall system operation efficiency.

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In terms of financial technology (fintech) payment security applications, the main function of the user end device is to process real-time transactions and obtain authorization from the financial server through the network. In the transaction process, the chip in the device requires a complete security function design for data security calculation, secure transmission, and avoiding information residue to prevent hackers from skimming confidential data through the lack of hardware or software design.

In the past, system security protection primarily relied on software security design. With the development of hacker attack tactics, hardware security has become an indispensable element to improve the overall security level of the system.

The hardware security IP developed by PUFsecurity is based on inborn physical micro variation during chip manufacturing. It has high-quality randomness and unpredictability. It is an ideal entropy source and can be used as a chip fingerprint. The high-speed true random number generator (tRNG) provides high-quality random numbers required for each verification, encryption, and decryption functions to protect the security of trans-actions. Our IPs can be integrated with existing chip designs without complicated auxiliary design, and provide benefits such as low power consumption, easy-to-integrate, cost efficiency, and customization flexibility. Companies in all scales in the financial industry can all find suitable solutions at PUFsecurity.

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