Ambiq and PUFsecurity Join Forces on Energy-Efficient, Security-Enhanced SoC with PUF-based Root of Trust

(April 9th, 2024) Ambiq, a globally recognized leader in ultra-low power semiconductors, and PUFsecurity, a subsidiary of eMemory dedicated to innovating PUF-based security IP solutions, announced a successful collaboration on Ambiq’s latest Apollo510 integrated with PUFsecurity’s PUF-based Root of Trust IP, PUFrt. The Apollo510, the next-generation Apollo SoC, pairs vector acceleration with unmatched power efficiency and security to enable most AI inferencing on-device without a dedicated NPU.

Built on Ambiq’s subthreshold power optimization technology (SPOT®) platform, the Apollo510 SoC provides exceptional energy consumption and compute performance for advanced AI applications on endpoint devices. It leverages PUFrt’s integrated architecture of PUF, Anti-fuse OTP, TRNG, and controller to enhance the robustness and integrity of the boot and runtime chip configuration critical to Apollo510’s security and low-power operation.

In conjunction with TrustZone technology, the Apollo510 utilizes PUFrt’s unique identity per chip to authenticate Secure Boot, protect the application IP, and provide a foundational Hardware Root of Trust and secure One Time Programmable key storage with anti-tamper countermeasures to ensure a higher level of security protection on device.

“PUFsecurity’s PUFrt technology has helped Ambiq further strengthen the integrity of our products and overall security solutions,” said Dan Cermak, VP of Architecture and Product Planning at Ambiq. “With the rapid adoption of AI applications in smart homes, industrial IoT, digital health, and smart buildings and cities, this integration is a perfect fit for Ambiq’s customers who want to scale their products faster in a trusted execution environment.”

“Nowadays, people use various wearable devices that require robust security measures to safeguard personal data. The increased number of Internet of Things (IoT) applications will further drive demand for wearables,” said the Chairman and President of PUFsecurity, Dr. Charles Hsu. “Our partnership with Ambiq has brought innovative solutions that contribute to power-saving and secure intelligent devices. We believe that through strong and continuous collaboration, we can together fortify chip-level safety with PUF-based solutions that offer efficient power consumption and fast response time for the market.”

The Apollo510 SoC is currently sampling with customers, with general availability in Q4 this year. Meet Ambiq at the Embedded World, Hall 3, Booth 301, April 9- 11, 2024, for more information. At the same time, PUFsecurity will be at Hall 4, Booth 626, to present PUF-based security solutions.

Ambiq攜手PUFsecurity推新一代Apollo SoC 整合硬體信任根全面提升安全與效能

全球公認的超低功率半導體解決方案領導者-Ambiq,與力旺電子(eMemory Technology Inc.)旗下以物理不可複製功能(PUF)為核心研發安全解決方案的子公司-熵碼科技(PUFsecurity Corporation),宣佈在Ambiq最新的Apollo510,成功合作整合PUFsecurity基於PUF的硬體信任根IP,PUFrt。 Apollo510 是新一代的 Apollo系列SoC,結合向量運算加速與超高的安全性及效能,無需專用的 NPU 即可在終端上實現大多數的 AI 運算。

Apollo510 SoC是基於Ambiq的亞閾值功耗優化技術(SPOT®)平台構建,可滿足邊緣高階 AI應用所需的低功耗和高性能。 Apollo510利用 PUFrt 的物理不可複製功能(PUF)、反熔絲OTP、真隨機數生成器(TRNG)和控制器的整合架構來增強對 Apollo510啟動和運行時晶片配置的穩健性和完整性,這些對安全操作和低功耗運行至關重要。


「PUFsecurity 的 PUFrt 幫助Ambiq 進一步加強了產品和整體解決方案的安全性,」 Ambiq 架構和產品規劃副總裁 Dan Cermak 表示。「隨著人工智慧應用快速地被應用在智慧家居、工業物聯網、數位健康以及智慧建築和智慧城市中,這樣的整合非常適合Ambiq的客戶,讓他們在安全可信任的執行環境中實現產品快速佈署。 」

「與日俱增的物聯網(IoT)以及各式各樣的智慧穿戴式裝置已經成為日常生活中不可或缺的一部分,而這些裝置上儲存著大量個人資訊,這都需要強大的安全措施來保護。 」 熵碼科技董事長兼總經理徐清祥博士表示。 「我們與Ambiq的創新合作,以PUF技術加強晶片層級的安全性,讓智慧裝置既節能又安全,為終端應用提供更完美的解決方案。 」

Apollo510 SoC 目前正在向客戶提供樣品,將於今年第四季全面上市。 Ambiq 也將在2024 年 4 月 9 日至 11 日,於 Embedded World 展會的3 號展廳,301 號展位上展示更多產品資訊。 同時,PUFsecurity也會在4號展廳,626號展位,展示更多基於PUF的安全解決方案。


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