NeoPUF Introduction

A robust core of security functions

What is PUF?

A physical unclonable function (PUF) can be imagined as a physically defined "fingerprint" that serves as a unique identity for a semiconductor device. PUFs depend on the uniqueness of the random physical microvariations introduced during the fabrication of a chip. These factors are unpredictable and uncontrollable.The underlying benefit of using PUF in cryptography is its uniqueness and unpredictability (randomness).

Why NeoPUF is the Ideal PUF?


NeoPUF technology stands out for its ideal randomness and an entropy pool of random bits up to ∞ bits. We base our security function designs on NeoPUF’s stable inborn physical microvariation. NeoPUF passes the NIST 800-22 test for ideal performance without the need for any data post-processing or data helpers, overcoming the usual PUF-related concerns such as the additional costs of a complicated ECC (Error Correction Code) system, as well as avoiding the vulnerability of inconsistent results under different operating environments. In short, our security functions are statistically robust and reliable, unaffected by external influences including temperature and voltage.


NeoPUF’s key features include:   

  • High randomness (50% Hamming weight)

  • Ideal uniqueness (50% inter ID Hamming distance)

  • Passing full NIST 800-22

  • No need for data post-processing (0 intra-ID Hamming distance)

  • High stability (-40~175°C)

  • No aging issue ( 10+year lifetime)

  • Wide process platforms availability 

  • Cost-effective with compact IP size, 0 mask added process, short testing time

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Available Worldwide Foundries

PUF-based security solutions

A chip embedded with the NeoPUF IP can generate inherent and unique random numbers to ensure the chip is unique and has its own fingerprint. Such an IC fingerprint is a multidimensional root of trust. It can be used for identification, authentication and encryption.


NeoPUF Platform
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