PUFsecurity is a PUF-based security IP solutions company and the subsidiary of eMemory, one of the world’s largest silicon IP holders in Logic non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. (Visit eMemory website)

We leverage the technical knowledge and industrial expertise of our parent company, eMemory, to bring PUF-based security to the market. With our core IP as the root of trust for security applications and qualified manufacturer platforms, PUFsecurity offers solutions with better performance and cost-efficiency. We believe that embedded hardware security will be widely adopted in this connected world.

Our Vision

Secure the Connected World

We will use core IP NeoPUF to provide extended hardware security functions and solutions in an easy and cost-effective way.


Executive Team

R&D Team

Dr. Charles Hsu


  • Founder and chairman of eMemory - one of the world’s largest SIP holders in Logic NVM technology

  • Holder of 200+ patents and author of 120+ papers in the field of semiconductor 

Dr. Rick Shen

Vice Chairman

  • President of eMemory

  • Holder of 80+ patents and author of 25+ papers in the field of semiconductor 

  • One of the major contributors to the book "Logic Non-Volatile Memory" 

Dr. Evans Yang

Executive VP

  • Vice president of corporate strategy of eMemory 

  • Holder of 150+ patents and author of 50+ papers in the field of semiconductor

  • One of the major contributors to the book "Logic Non-Volatile Memory"

Dave Sinofsky

Corporate VP & GM (North America)

  • Corporate VP & GM of business development in North America

  • 30+ years sales and business development experiences among top-tier leading firms 

Dr. Shih-Li Hsu

Senior CTO

  •  30+ years of experience in solution architecture and performance engineering. 

  • Specialize in cryptographic algorithms (AES, MD5, RSA), and digital identity across the internet, distributive network.

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu

Director of R&D

  • 15+ years of experience in embedded flash, OTP memory, and PUF technology development.

  • Own 200+ patents and 10+ papers.

  • Receive the ISSCC 2018 Takuo Sugano Award for inventing NeoPUF

Chia-Cho Wu

Deputy Director of R&D

  • 10+ years experience in secure core architecture

  • Specialization in  design against the side channel analysis and fault injection

Business Model

Business Model with Fabless

Customer Engagement Flow