When talking about fundamental and essential security requirements in SoC, there are three questions that always rack engineers’ brains:

  • How to effectively have a unique ID for production identity management?

  • How to create an output of random numbers to ensure key generation randomness for sensitive data encryption/decryption?

  • How to securely save Keys with physical anti-tempering ?




PUFrt is designated for solving these basic but imperative concerns. Its name is derived from the abbreviation of PUF-based root of trust.
It is composed of PUFsecurity’s PUF-based products including PUFuid, PUFtrng and PUFkeyst with features as follows:

  • PUFuid – Easy but robust to generate ID for production management from PUF

  • PUFtrng – True random number generator with superb short initial time and low-power consumption

  • PUFkeyst – Secure key storage with built-in 4kbits OTP and logic designs of PUFtrng and PUF values


PUFrt is a hardware uncompromising security root of trust with PUF-based IP solution and suitable for

  • Low-weight IoT device

  • Power-sensitive IoT device

  • Basis of hardware-based root of trust

Security is abstract and difficult to most SoC designers but PUFrt is friendly and worthy to equip in each SoC.

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