PUFsecurity’s Secure Crypto Coprocessor PUFcc Wins COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Award

(Hsinchu Taiwan, June 13th, 2022) PUFsecurity Corporation, one of the few Taiwanese Semiconductor Security companies competing globally, has received the COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Award for its Secure Crypto Coprocessor IP, PUFcc. PUFsecurity’s innovative Research and Development has advanced the patented technology of its parent company, eMemory Technology Inc., to provide best-in-class Semiconductor security solutions. Their Hardware Root of Trust (PUFrt), Crypto Coprocessor (PUFcc), and other solutions have been launched since the company’s founding in 2019. Their IPs have gained various international certifications and recognition from major manufacturers across the industry.

With the rising risk of adversarial attacks on semiconductors and global supply chain tensions across the industry, hardware-based chip security has become increasingly critical. PUFcc is a secure Crypto Coprocessor that perfectly combines a Hardware Root of Trust with a complete set of crypto engines and an anti-tampering design. It is a rare all-in-one solution on the market using a single silicon IP to assist the CPU in performing various security functions, such as key management, asset protection, and secure boot. In addition, PUFcc is simple to integrate into any CPU architecture, allowing devices to painlessly implement features such as FIDO passwordless authentication and lifecycle management.

“The award is wonderful recognition for the work we are doing. Our vision is to develop the most secure silicon IP for chip security with innovative chip fingerprint technology, so that everyone can benefit from the technology advancement. PUFsecurity’s product road map covers secure IP solutions to services. We’ll continuously provide market with the high-performance products needed for chip security,” said Evans Yang, Executive Vice President of PUFsecurity.

“PUFcc integrates PUF, OTP, anti-tampering design, and crypto algorithms into one IP and provides the market with high-security, low-power-consuming, and easy-to-integrate chip security. PUFcc has been certified by professional organizations such as NIST/OSCCA and evaluated by third-party organizations. Furthermore, PUFcc provides high accessibility through over 200+ process platforms among major foundries worldwide. The promising growth potential in the global market can be expected.” Best Choice Award jury said.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI Best Choice Award has gained recognition internationally from buyers over the last 20 years since its founding in 2002. The evaluation criteria include product characteristics and strengths, professional capabilities, innovative technologies, and global market potential.

展現晶片安全矽智財設計能力 熵碼科技安全加密協處理器PUFcc榮獲Best Choice Award

熵碼科技(PUFsecurity Corporation)作為台灣少數與全球世界級大廠並肩競爭的晶片安全矽智財(IP)開發商,自2019年創立起,就展現高速的研發能量,結合母公司力旺電子的專利技術,陸續推出硬體信任根PUFrt、安全加密協處理器PUFcc等矽智財,不僅通過國際各項認證,更與各大廠商與機構合作,並持續在不同應用晶片設計中導入。憑藉卓越的研發創新能量及市場發展潛力,熵碼科技所研發的安全加密協處理器PUFcc在眾多競選產品中脫穎而出,榮獲COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Award資安產品獎。



「PUFcc利用晶片指紋產生高品質隨機亂數,整合PUF、OTP、抗攻擊及加密算法等,提供市場所需的高安全、低功耗、易整合的晶片安全矽智財,助益整體供應鏈安全;產品通過NIST / OSCCA等專業機構認證及第三方機構評測認可,彰顯產品之專業能量;熵碼產品亦佈局全球各大代工廠及製程平台,具備高取得性,提升整合晶片軟硬體安全附加價值,全球市場成長潛力可期。」Best Choice Award評審團表示。

COMPUTEX TAIPEI Best Choice Award自2002年創辦至今,深獲廠商與國際買主信賴。今年增設BC Award資安獎項,係以產品特色優勢、專業能量、創新技術、國內外市場潛力等進行評比,以示客觀。


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