PUFsecurity Unveils PUFiot, PUF-based Secure Crypto Coprocessor

(Hsinchu Taiwan, Sep. 1st, 2020) — PUFsecurity, a leading provider of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for PUF-based security solutions, has launched PUFiot, a new high-security PUF-based crypto coprocessor to help chip designers easily adopt robust embedded hardware security functions.

PUFiot is designed for a wide range of security applications. First, it provides three primitives for the security system: chip identification (UID), true random number generator (tRNG) and XiP (eXecute in Place) encrypted one-time programmable memory (OTP) for storage of crypto keys that are available in an existing PUFrt product from PUFsecurity.

Furthermore, for chip designers who need general security operations such as key generation, block cipher, integrity check and identity verification, PUFiot can provide corresponding functions. For example, the key derivation function (KDF) and the key protection function (KWP) support key generation. The Public Key Coprocessor (PKC) supports elliptic curve cryptography for asymmetric signing, validation, and key exchange. It also includes DMA channels, CMAC and HMAC to support integrity and authentication purposes. The block cipher of the NIST standard AES is also designed for data transmission. Most importantly, PUFiot is a complete tamper-proof circuit design in digital function and analog macro.

The main advantage of PUFiot is its secure boundary, known as the PUF realm, confining a key in a secure location where no software or CPU can touch it. In addition, PUFiot’s hardware accelerator functions can act as a coprocessor to support a CPU to perform security functions.

“PUFsecurity and eMemory’s strong experience in PUF technology has helped us meet market demands with innovative PUF-based security IPs. Using the world’s first quantum tunneling PUF, eMemory has cooperated with PUFsecurity to launch PUFiot, a unique high-security, high-performance, easy-to-use, low-cost solution for chip security,” said eMemory and PUFsecurity’s Chairman Charles Hsu. “We expect it to be widely used in various IoT devices in 5G applications”

To help customers easily add chip security functions to their system, PUFsecurity started the open source program IP Go. SoC designers who are interested in testing PUFiot can download and enjoy the trial kit at no charge to experience the comprehensive functions of PUFiot themselves.

About PUFsecurity
PUFsecurity is a subsidiary of eMemory dedicated to innovating PUF-based security solutions. By leveraging our technical knowledge and industrial expertise, including core IPs such as NeoPUF and OTP from eMemory, PUFsecurity is bringing PUF-based security to the market. The latest solution is the hardware root-of-trust module PUFrt (UID+tRNG+Secure OTP) and PUFiot (PUF-based crypto co-processor). With our industrial expertise, PUFsecurity offers hardware security IP solutions with better performance and cost-efficiency.

About eMemory
eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s largest pure-play developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology. The company has licensed its intellectual property to semiconductor foundries, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), and fabless design houses around the world. eMemory’s proprietary IP technologies include NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoMTP, NeoEE and NeoPUF. Products developed with these core technologies have been made into more than 45 billion ICs used in various consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Press contact information
CVP & GM, North America |Dave Sinofsky| 408 204-6826 | media@pufsecurity.com
Marcom AM | Erin Lee | 886-3-560-1010 ext.2102 | media@pufsecurity.com


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