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About IP GO

IP GO is an IP evaluation platform for developers to try out PUFsecurity’s solutions. Qualified applicants can download our evaluation kits for simulation and verification purposes without any cost.

With increasing security demands from various applications, we introduce the upgraded IP GO 2.0 to a broader audience and fulfil more developers’ demands. In IP GO 2.0, the application process has been streamlined, allowing developers easier access to the IP library. The application no longer requires an NDA and replaces it with an online user agreement. 

What We Offer 

With the launch of the new IP GO 2.0, PUFsecurity also makes the two most popular solution IPs available to all users.

  • PUFrt (with dual APB interface): A hardware root-of-trust (HRoT) solution for Arm CC312. 

  • PUFcc (former PUFiot): An indispensable crypto coprocessor that can apply with RISC-V design. Built on the chip fingerprint HRoT, PUFrt, PUFiot further offers various NIST CAVP-certified symmetrical and asymmetrical hardware cryptographic engines to ease offloading on the main cores on performing security functions such as authentication, encryption/decryption, data integrity, secure boot, secure update, etc.

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Root of Trust




Crypto Coprocessor



If you are looking for a solution to the following problems:

  • Preventing leakage of sensitive information on the chip

  • Protecting important AI assets from being stolen

  • Ensuring the security of IoT applications

All chip developers are welcome to come to IP GO to explore secure IP!

When you are ready to proceed to tape-out, the mass production IP can easily be dropped in to replace the evaluation kit without any additional engineering, simplifying your transition to the mass production stage.

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How to Join 

Please fill out the request form with the “Start Application” botton below. Once you complete the form and user agreement, you will receive an email to verify the email address. Within 3 working days after email verification, the qualified applicant will receive an approval email with download links of the required IPs.
For any questions, please contact us ( for more details. Thank you! 

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