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Why does “IP GO” Exist?  

PUFsecurity is devoted to developing embedded PUF-based security IPs and aims to lead the technology. We believe that PUF-based security is an imperative trend worth more experts joining.  

That’s why we set up the “IP GO“ program

We encourage researchers and chip designers in the security area to join us! The qualified applicants can download our “evaluation pack” allowing simulation and verification. We hope to mitigate the barrier to adoption of PUF-based security for our partners. Through this program, applicants will be able to explore the best-in-class security solutions with our support.

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What can "IP GO" Offer? 

We’d like to present to you our latest products "PUF-based secure crypto co-processor" and the  “PUF-based hardware root of trust (HRoT)”. If you find the evaluation kits helpful, please contact PUFsecurity and/or eMemory for further complete design kits, including process platforms, timing constraints for synthesis, and physical implementations with hard macro GDS. For any usage questions, you are also welcomed to contact eMemory sales team. You will have our full support.

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Root of Trust




Crypto Coprocessor


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Crypto Engines


SHA-2 256

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PUFuid + PUFtrng

Test Board



Who We are Looking for? 

Are you worried about the sensitive data on chip being subject to theft? 

Or AI assets being stolen after spending days and nights on it?  

What about ensuring the security of  IoT applications?  

Any Security IP seekers with business demands are welcome to explore IP GO!

Here, we provide free IP resources that you can integrate into your designs to try out our security solutions.  


PUFrt is especially suitable for: 

All kinds of chip designers or makers who need device root of trust for security enhancement.  

PUFrt is integrated with all the necessary functions of the root of trust, including UID for identity authentication, secure storage for protecting sensitive data, and tRNG with supportive crypto-based security functions.    

PUFrt is easy to implement in any chip design and effectively enhances the security level of the products, which could increase the market value and recognition for your products. 

How to Join IP GO ? 

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Step 1 
Fill out the IP GO request form 
( company email address required )


Note: If you/your company is an existing member/customer of eMemory iService, or has already established NDA(s) with eMemory, please directly contact eMemory sales team.​ 

Users without iService account

Users with iService account

Step 2
Establish NDA(s) with PUFsecurity and eMemory


Note: PUF-based solution (PUFrt) consists of PUFsecurity’s digital design, PUF hard macro and OTP from eMemory. Therefore, applicants will be asked to establish an NDA with both PUFsecurity and eMemory.

Step 3
After signing NDA(s) with PUFsecurity and eMemory, the applicant can create an account on iService  where IP download takes place


Note: Applicants who already have an iService account DON’T need to create another one. The PUF-based IPs will be accessible as soon as the NDA is established.



Step 4
Download IP through iService


Note: Applicants are welcome to integrate the IPs on their chip design. For any technical questions, feel free to contact our FAE team. We are happy to provide technical support during the process.

Business Stage

If you are satisfied with our product and want to move ahead to the tape-out and mass production stage, please contact eMemory’s sales team for more details. Thank you!

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