Webinar: The Secure Coprocessor for Secure Supply Chain

PUFcc (former PUFiot) is a novel high-security crypto coprocessor. This highly integrated hardware root-of-trust has integrated NIST-certified cryptographic engines, embedded tRNG, PUF, and secure OTP. It also comprises a standard interface, DMA, memory management unit, and API/FW SDK to help and realize SoC implementation secure operation. PUFcc can not only reduces the costly procedure of key provisioning but also fully supports the silicon supply chain for achieving zero-touch product lifecycle management with inborn native UID, HUK, and attestation key pair and anti-counterfeiting design on hardware, firmware, and software. The webinar starts from the design concept of PUFcc, introduces its applications and comparisons in the first video; and discuss its supply chain management and applications in the second video.

Webinar I

Webinar II


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