PUFsecurity gains Riscure accreditation for its Anti-Tamper solution, PUFrt

(Hsinchu Taiwan, August 02, 2022) PUFsecurity Corporation’s Hardware Root of Trust IP, PUFrt, has achieved the Riscure Common Criteria Certification. This puts PUFrt into a very select number of IPs on the market offering certified Anti-Tamper chip hardware security.  

Physical attacks on Semiconductors are fast becoming the new frontier of cybersecurity. According to Gartner, Cyber-Physical Security attacks will likely exceed $50 billion in costs to the industry by 2023.The two most common types of semiconductor tampering are side-channel and fault injection attacks, which Riscure tests against as part of its accreditation process. These techniques are straightforward to conduct and require minimal equipment to allow an assailant to bypass existing security measures. Sadly, this means that confidential information stored on the chip, such as private cryptography keys, or proprietary software, can be easily acquired without anti-tampering protection.  

As part of the Common Criteria Certification procedure, Riscure performed Vulnerability Analysis (VA) on the IP and later performed penetration tests on a test chip comprised of only the PUFrt. During the VA, Riscure reviewed the PUFrt design and recognized it as feasible for eliminating several vulnerabilities. They then conducted penetration tests with two attack scenarios. The first is side-channel analysis using power and EM, and the second is based on laser fault injection at the backside of the test chip. The results showed that the side-channel analysis impact on the PUFrt assets proved infeasible, and it requires substantial efforts to impact them through laser fault injection. Riscure judged this to be a positive result in the context of an IP, with enhanced results expected when embedded in an SoC. 

“We are excited to have our IP certified against Anti-Tamper attacks by Riscure. They let us know we received a pretty good rating as we provided a dedicated test chip rather than an entire SoC for testing.” Said Evans Yang, Executive VP for PUFsecurity. “Typically, it would be harder to attack our IP if it sits in an SoC because there could be other countermeasures that provide extra protection.” 

Gaining accreditation for PUFrt’s Anti-Tamper solution from Riscure further recognizes the IP’s regard across the industry as the future of Hardware Security. PUFrt easily integrates with all major security architectures while minimizing power consumption and additional security costs. Its market-leading Hardware Root of Trust technology looks set to become the standard for the next generation of Semiconductors.  

About PUFsecurity  

PUFsecurity is a subsidiary of eMemory and is dedicated to innovating PUF-based security solutions. By leveraging our technical acumen and achievements, including core IPs such as NeoPUF and OTP from eMemory, PUFsecurity brings PUF-based security to the market. The latest solutions include Secure OTP, Hardware Root-of-Trust Module (PUFrt), Secure Crypto Coprocessor (PUFcc), and Flash Extension Series. PUFsecurity can quickly offer PUF-based security IP solutions with superior performance and cost-efficiency in the wide range of technology platforms with eMemory’s technology support. 


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