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Today, the world is evolving at ever faster speeds. Staying up to date with the latest developments in the Semiconductor Security field is a continual challenge. Professionals and students alike cannot risk being left behind. As the number of threats and solutions continues to proliferate, so do our questions…

  • What are the vulnerabilities facing semiconductors today?
  • How can we protect our devices and our privacy?

To help the industry answer these questions, PUFsecurity established PUF Academy. Our goal is to provide access to free resources, lectures, and research on PUF-based Device Security.   

PUF Academy offers you a chance to learn more about cybersecurity, hardware security, and PUF-based applications. Whether you are looking to enhance your security knowledge, or are interested in learning how PUF can benefit your designs, our courses are free and open to you. You can take these courses at any point in your career journey. 

We also have regular lecture videos, articles, forums, and book series available online. So join us at PUF Academy to learn how you can secure the connected world.