Executive Team

R&D Team

Dr. Shih-Li Hsu

Senior CTO

  •  30+ years of experience in solution architecture and performance engineering. 

  • Specialize in cryptographic algorithms (AES, MD5, RSA), and digital identity across the internet, distributive network.

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu

Director of R&D

  • 15+ years of experience in embedded flash, OTP memory, and PUF technology development.

  • Own 200+ patents and 10+ papers.

  • Receive the ISSCC 2018 Takuo Sugano Award for inventing NeoPUF

Chia-Cho Wu

Deputy Director of R&D

  • 10+ years experience in secure core architecture

  • Specialization in  design against the side channel analysis and fault injection

Dr. Charles Hsu


  • Founder and chairman of eMemory - one of the world’s largest SIP holders in Logic NVM technology

  • Holder of 200+ patents and author of 120+ papers in the field of semiconductor 

Dr. Rick Shen

Vice Chairman

  • President of eMemory

  • Holder of 80+ patents and author of 25+ papers in the field of semiconductor 

  • One of the major contributors to the book "Logic Non-Volatile Memory" 

Dr. Evans Yang

Executive VP

  • Vice president of corporate strategy of eMemory 

  • Holder of 150+ patents and author of 50+ papers in the field of semiconductor

  • One of the major contributors to the book "Logic Non-Volatile Memory"

Dave Sinofsky

Corporate VP & GM (North America)

  • Corporate VP & GM of business development in North America

  • 30+ years sales and business development experiences among top-tier leading firms