PUF-based Hardware Security IP

Solutions extended with core IPs - NeoPUF and OTP 

Looking ahead at 2020, various research institutions have suggested that the overall development of the chip market is growing due to the large demand from AI, IoT, and consumer electronic devices. The increase in demand for IoT devices comes hand in hand with the need for information security. As a result, there is a growing realization for hardware security. PUFsecurity’s NeoPUF technology is based on eMemory’s physical unclonable function as its core. With both digital + analog solutions, we provide basic, premium, and high-end options of our uncompromising silicon intellectual property solutions for various markets. 

Embedded Hardware Security Solutions

Basic Solution: PUFrt

Tamper-Proof PUF-based Root of Trust

True Hardware RoT with tRNG, UID, Secure OTP

With PUF as the core, the root of trust provides a foundation of trust and security for the chip system. It also provides a 1024-bit identification code with a physical unclonable function and a true random number generator that complies with the NIST SP800-90B/SP-800-22 standard specifications. These help meet the encryption/decryption requirements of sensitive information and data, and achieve a certain level of data security protection. An additional 4096-bit secure storage space with physical unclonable function is provided for the key or sensitive information injected by the customer, which makes the original security and NeoFuse OTP more resistant to physical attacks.

Premium Solution: PUFiot

PUFrt-based Secure Co-processor

Crypto accelerator supports secure boot, OTA, TLS, key management

PUFiot was built on PUFrt after considering the fact that IoT products have encryption requirements for them to be easy to use with a focus on authentication. In addition to inheriting the advantages of PUFrt standard type, PUFiot also supports a hash algorithm (DMA) and elliptic curve passwords for the security needs of the IoT. In response to the demand for chip integration, this product also supports general bus protocols such as AXI/AMBA and provides a more user-friendly interface. Moreover, based on the increasing security needs of the Chinese market, PUFiot allows configuration according to the Chinese Standard Public Algorithms SM2 and SM3 issued by The Office of Security Commercial Code Administration  (OSCCA).

High-end Solution: PUFse

PUFiot-based Secure Element

Secure co-processor integrated with PUF-protected Flash

The determinant of hardware security lies in its ability to achieve a wide enough security boundary. Advance functions such as security computing, asset management, key storage, and permission control are all implemented in PUFse (secure element). This product not only provides hardware security functions, but also provides software solutions such as firmware protection, online update, and secure boot. It is a comprehensive solution for security chips. Unlike traditional pure digital secure elements, PUFse inherits the trust foundation of PUFrt and the friendly user face of PUFiot. Moreover, it can provide a complete solution for both digital and similar hybrids. Using PUFse is equivalent to using embedded security chips responsible for the security operation of the entire system, with related software and firmware support, which helps decrease the time needed for customer integration and software development, as well as achieves the goal of security and autonomy.

Secure Embedded Flash: PUFflash 

PUFrt-based Secure Embedded Flash

Secure storage supports XIP

After factoring the MCU microcontroller application scenarios and cost, many chip designers use embedded NVM (embedded flash) to complete their microcontroller design. PUFflash helps secure embedded flash by enabling data reading/writing since it works with fab to integrate PUFrt into embedded flash. The advantage of PUFflash lies in its ability to use the physical unclonable function of PUF. It does not require complex standard algorithms but can achieve address obfuscation and data masking for data writing. Furthermore, it is the secure embedded flash with the best performance.

Cypto IP Overview

PUFsecurity provides hardware-based fundamental IP cores in SoCs with major offerings: Block-Ciphers (AES), Asymmetric Public-key Cryptography (ECC), Integrity with SHA, Protocol Support of Authentication, Protocol Support of Key-Agreement and Digital Signature.

Security Function IP Overview

A PUF-based unique identity generation method derives from NeoPUF. It can help you get rid of all security concerns and cost for hardware security module and key injection process by generating inside the chip.


A PUF-based methodology for secure storage by entangling with NeoPUF. It not only preventssecrets from being stolen through physical attacks, but also reaches high level security without involving crypto algorithms.


An entropy assisting PUF-based design to generate the true random number generator. It doesn’t have the complex design for high-quality entropy and the post processing, which leads to high speed throughput and low power consumption.


A comprehensive solution for PUF-based key generation. It provides multiple advantages for your design with all PUF-based IPs such as secure UID generation inside the chip, high speed throughput for session keys, etc.


A PUF-based cryptographic key that provides the unique feature for crypto engine. It eliminates the needs for OTP to store cryptographic keys and prevent from the risk of key being stolen by hackers.

A PUF-based authentication utilizes AES, key protection for shared secrets and high quality nonce to achieve a robust authentication. It can protect against the prediction attacks for nonce, and physical attacks for shared secret.


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