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e-Course: HWSecurity Theory & Practices

The first set of "Hardware Security Theory and Practice" online courses produced by PUFsecurity has been launched! This course will start from the introduction of hardware security standards and regulations, and then analyze the core of hardware security-the root of trust in hardware, and The current hardware security ecosystem in the industry. Finally, it will be cut from a practical point of view to share chip security design and countermeasures against software and hardware attacks.

 Chapter Overview

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Lecturers from PUFsecurity

MY Wu.png

Dr. Meng-Yi Wu

Director of R&D

(Inventor of NeoPUF)

Aken Wang.png

Aken Wang

Senior Marketing Manager

Matthew Yu.png

Matthew Yu

PUFacademy Executive Director

Kent Chuang.png
Randy Liu.png

Dr. Kent Chuang

R&D Engineer

(PUF & RNG Specialist)

Dr. Randy Liu

Senior R&D Engineer


CY Yu.png

Chun-Yuan Yu

Senior R&D Engineer


Danny Chen 2.png

Danny Chen

Senior R&D Engineer


 Industry-Academia collaboration courses

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 Introduction to Hardware Security (2019)

PUFsecurity X NTHU

 Introduction to Hardware Security (2020)

PUFsecurity X NTHU

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About PUF Academy

As the world evolves, technology will undoubtedly improve in conjunction to the world around us. With changes in technology come changes in the security field. More and more news reports point towards one thing: technology can be vulnerable. How do we protect our devices and privacy? How do we ensure that we do not compromise innovation, convenience, and possibilities? To answer these questions, PUFsecurity established PUFacademy to educate you on why hardware security is important, and to teach you how to use PUF to better secure your devices. Join us at PUFacademy to learn how you can secure the connected world.  


PUFacademy offers you a chance to learn more about cybersecurity, hardware security, and PUF applications. Whether you are looking to enhance your knowledge in the security field, or interested in learning how PUF can benefit your designs, our courses are open to all fields and disciplines. You can take these courses at any point of your career journey. 


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