Target Market Overview

Fulfill different demands from the IoT to other high-end markets

PUFsecurity's target application areas are networking-related applications. Our customers are in the field of IoT edge devices, artificial intelligence interfaces, internet of vehicles, and fintech-related online transactions or blockchain. The current market lacks secure and cost-effective solutions. Therefore, PUFsecurity aims to resolve this gap by utilizing the power of R&D and the strong network of foundries from eMemory. Our initial goal revolves around a built-in hardware security module, especially embedded hardware security solutions for various chip designs such as security elements and SoCs.


Imagine how frightening it is if somebody could listen to your calls or even steal your passwords through your internet service provider...

PUFsecurity’s PUF-based security functions utilize the inborn physical microvariation to create a unique password. Whether as Unique Identifiers (UIDs) for edge devices or as secure data transmission management through key generation, storage, encryption, and decryption, PUF can perform with excellence without complex supplementary designs...(view more)

Imagine how scary it will be if the robots that are on work duty in the public area lose control and harm citizens...

Hardware security in the field of AI has many applications. First, it protects the intellectual assets, big data, and algorithms that are essential to AI design and operation. Second, it defends malicious invasion from third parties while AI machines are going through deep learning or conducting missions. Third, it provides secure storage for sensitive data. The applications mentioned above can be achieved through functions such as our PUF-based UID, cryptography, and authentication...(view more)

Picture this: You’re on the road with the latest model self-driving car. Suddenly, an unknown malicious agent hacks into your system, causing you to swerve out of control...

To meet security regulations, a smart car’s components need to be appropriately authorized and certified. With NeoPUF’s completely unpredictable randomness and its remarkable stability under different voltages and extreme temperatures (-40°C~150°C), smart cars can have reliable performance regardless of the environment that they’re operating in...(view more)

With new convenience comes new risks: credit card details leaked, ATM machines hacked, Bitcoin transactions compromised...

During a transaction, a user device’s main function is to handle the exchange and receive authorization from the server through the internet. It is thus essential to implement hardware security in order to run the encryption algorithms and preventative procedures needed to avoid data breaches. The core IP (NeoPUF) behind PUFsecurity’s solutions is an ideal entropy source with high-quality randomness and unpredictability to be used for UID, tRNG, authentication and cryptography...(view more)

What's FIPS? How does PUF apply?

The Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) are developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and implemented by the US government to regulate information technology and computer security. The FIPS 140 series specifies requirements for cryptography modules that all government technologies must comply to in order to protect valuable data.  Currently, the FIPS 140-2 version is being used. The FIPS 140-2 defines the following four levels of security...(view more)