Customer Engineer/ Manager

Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Job Vacancy: 1

Job Description

As a Customer Engineer/Manager, you will offer technical support inside Marketing and Sales Department for our existing and future customers. You will also need to promote our technology to potential and existing customers. You will also support client product evaluation and design-in, and also assist customers in solving technical problems in design and integration. Closely co-work with R&D team and Sales team is essential. People who have design background and good communication capability are preferred. 

Skills Required

To complete the tasks listed in the CE job description, engineers need a wide range of skills and a good technology base to work from. As CEs provide technical support, they should be familiar with IC design and verification, technical product specifications, as well as be able to assist customers in solving product usage problems. CE’s must provide technical presentations and be able to do product promotion. Good customer-relations skills are also essential as candidates will be required to clarify the reliability and suitability of our technology for the customer's application scenario, the CE must be able to back up technical claims. 


  1. Perform Pre-sales support with the Sales Team 

  2. Conduct Technical support and assist customers in solving product usage problems 

  3. Write technical documents according to the R&D and Marketing Team’s feedback 

  4. Demonstrate and provide explanations during workshops/technical events


For application, please provide your resume/CV and state the position you want to apply for through recruit@pufsecurity.comThank you.

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