PUF-based Security Function IP

Security building blocks

Security Function IP Overview

A PUF-based unique identity generation method derives from NeoPUF. It can help you get rid of all security concerns and cost for hardware security module and key injection process by generating inside the chip.


A PUF-based methodology for secure storage by entangling with NeoPUF. It not only preventssecrets from being stolen through physical attacks, but also reaches high level security without involving crypto algorithms.


An entropy assisting PUF-based design to generate the true random number generator. It doesn’t have the complex design for high-quality entropy and the post processing, which leads to high speed throughput and low power consumption.


A comprehensive solution for PUF-based key generation. It provides multiple advantages for your design with all PUF-based IPs such as secure UID generation inside the chip, high speed throughput for session keys, etc.


A PUF-based cryptographic key that provides the unique feature for crypto engine. It eliminates the needs for OTP to store cryptographic keys and prevent from the risk of key being stolen by hackers.

A PUF-based authentication utilizes AES, key protection for shared secrets and high quality nonce to achieve a robust authentication. It can protect against the prediction attacks for nonce, and physical attacks for shared secret.


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