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Technical Questions:

General Information:

What is PUFsecurity?


PUFsecurity is a PUF-based security IP solutions company. With our core IP as the root of trust for security applications and qualified manufacturer platforms, PUFsecurity offers solutions with better performance and cost-efficiency.

What is PUF?


A Physical Unclonable Function, or PUF, is a rapidly growing topic in cryptography. A PUF is a physical structure of a device that is random, unique and robust. PUF can be the ideal source of the hardware root of trust. 


What are PUF-based hardware security IPs?


Our PUF is derived from the excellent performance of our core technology,NeoPUF. We utilize NeoPUF’s core characteristics to develop our security solutions, such as true random number generator, secure key storage, unique identity, etc.

Where is PUFsecurity’s office? Any branches?


PUFsecurity is located in Zhubei, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. There are currently no other branches around the world. However, you may contact us easily through email or phone call.


May I have your datasheet as reference?


You are welcome to contact us to get the data sheet. However, we would like to know more about your needs, and would require a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) first. 


Technical Questions:

Why should we use PUF-based security IP?

With PUF’s characteristics, our solutions provide customers with a robust storage method, an ideal hardware root of trust, a high quality true random number generator, etc.


How does NeoPUF work?


NeoPUF is derived from the anti-fuse OTP (one-time programmable) memory technology. NeoPUF’s randomness is obtained from inhomogeneous oxide properties that naturally occur in the IC manufacturing process – an ideal entropy source. 

What are the differences of PUFsecurity’s IP?


All PUFsecurity’s IPs include a unified hard macro of NeoPUF and NeoFuse (OTP) inside. As a unique competitive advantage of our security solutions, they provide customer a secure storage for sensitive data, a true random number generator and an inborn random number as UID.


Does PUF-based IP require a silicon proven process?


Yes, NeoPUF itself is an analog IP but with the same programming mechanism, bit cell, and technology. NeoPUF inherited NeoFuse’s silicon proven record. Once NeoFuse has qualified in certain manufacturing platform, NeoPUF does too.



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